Saturday, July 2, 2011

the fact about man's desire in relationship

aku tengah layan citer korea yang dah lapok which means aku dah bosan den tengok balik cter korea yang aku dah penah tengok before dis. gahaha punye huraian. ape yang aku nak kongsi dengan korang dalam entri ni pasal the truth bout man's desire in relationship.

hayati dialog ni;

men: u really dunno what the means when a man said ' i can't hold dis relationship between us anymore bcoz u never proved ur love to me'?

gurlz: no, i don't get it. man suppose to realize that when gurlz willing to be his partner it means dat she will make him part of her own life and everyone knoe dat gurlz can't hide their feeling when in love. doesn't it proved that she loved him??

men: no. dat verse mean's ' bcoz u didn't sleep with me, i dumped u'.

gurlz: but, do a man and woman have to sleep together for it to be love?

men: the desire to touch and hold the woman he loves is a natural instinct in a men.

gurlz: but, there must exist a woman dat a man doesn't want to loose, even without having dat sort of thing, rite?

men: .........................................................

u got it rite? i think no one can't deny what the dialogue show us. it such a truth thing. kebanyakan laki tambah-tambah lagi lelaki zaman sekarang sangat terbuka pasal ni. for them, there's no wrong to ask their gurl to proved the loved with the body. hahahaha.. serius kan aku??? takde, just nak reveal the truth thing je. tapi bukanla semua laki macam tu.. betulkan kalau aku salah deh! heee....

p/s: aku pon bukanla perempuan yang baik. juz hope dat all da women's can successfully meet a man dat doesn't have dat kind of desire in relationship. harapan ni untuk aku jugak... peace xp!!!

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